Voice Networks

Is your phone system running strangely?  Maybe just move some extensions around or rename users / modify voicemail passwords / etc?  We are here to help.

E-Mail Protection

Onsite or Cloud E-Mail?  There are protections available to minimize downtime and maximizing threat protections / legal holding requirements / backups.

Cloud Security Solutions

If you already have E-Mail or use a web based storage plan (OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) then you are already a Cloud customer.  Keep your data safe.

Access Control / Cameras

Is security a concern of your organization or home?  Reduce insurance costs and add piece of mind knowing additional layers of security are in place.

Electronic Disposal

Secure disposal maintains the integrity of your existing company data by eliminating the risk of data spillage.

Structured Wiring

Meeting your infrastructure needs with a complete cabling and hardware system providing the most comprehensive telecommunications solutions.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Three tiers of contract services with an a-la-carte menu of service customizations allow you to have the most proactively maintained tech solution based on your needs


As a true solutions provider we have partnered with the right businesses and local contractors to fulfill all requirements and exceed expectations.  Let us help you build the solution that matches your needs to help build your business.

Backups and Business Continuity

Backups / Continuity

Protecting your environment is critical and a major piece of our protection suite is ensuring you can recover from catastrophic failure.  Effective and strategic placement of redundancies and fail-safes will keep you operational in times of need


Are your hardware costs exceeding the expenses allowed?  Virtualization of your necessary services allows more resource allocation per device to help minimize the cost of ownership.


4G LTE Signal Boosting

Whether you're running the office from home or need to improve signal in the warehouse there is a solution for every carrier in the area

Need help?

We are here to help.  Schedule a meeting and see how we can help you grow.